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Ref: 601/6673/3
Sector: Arts, Media and Publishing
Level: Level 2
Minimum entry age :19
TQT :225

This qualification is suitable for learners aged 19 and above.
This qualification aims to introduce learners to concepts of digital promotion that can be used in a business setting.

What is a nested qualification?
This qualification is nested. Qualifications within a nested suite allow learners to be topped up to a qualification that is the same level and subject within the Award and Certificate structure. 

Who can benefit? 
Digital business promotion is crafted to be inclusive, and suitable for both employed and unemployed individuals. Proficiency in digital skills is now essential across all industries, so it's important to understand that this program isn't exclusively for those pursuing a digital marketing career. Regardless of one's career path, participating in this course can yield significant opportunities. Whether someone's passion lies in hairstyling, catering, or professional services, this program has the potential to enrich their skill set and improve their prospects of securing their desired job.


Digital Business Promotion aims to equip individuals with crucial digital competencies essential for small enterprises. Moreover, it imparts invaluable employability skills, elevating an individual's value proposition to prospective employers and enabling them to distinguish themselves amidst fierce competition. 

What you will study
Attain a foundational understanding of Digital Marketing through clear and concise explanations...
Explore the escalating significance of digital promotions within an organisation's promotional endeavours and their integral role in the overarching marketing strategy.

Comprehend Marketing from a customer's perspective and effectively employ suitable channels for campaign planning... Investigate a variety of approaches through which digital promotions can be harnessed to engage customers.

Achieve first-page visibility on Google for a website...
Examine the process of online searching from the customer's viewpoint, and then delve into how SEO techniques can be leveraged to amplify traffic directed towards an organisation's website.

Discern the enduring relevance and efficacy of certain traditional marketing methods within the contemporary digital landscape...
The focus extends beyond digital promotions to encompass the utilisation of well-established conventional media like newspapers, radio, and television.

Master the art of testing strategies and presenting outcomes to superiors...
Understand the significance of measurement and how it contributes to the success of your own or a familiar organisation.

Deliver high-value content promptly to potential customers...
Recognise the pivotal role of content in the triumph of promotional efforts. Content assumes a paramount position!

Unit No Unit Title
Unit 01 Digital Promotion for Business
Unit 02 Understanding search engine optimisation
Unit 03 Production of digital content for business
Unit 04 Data protection and digital media for business
Unit 05 Measuring the effectiveness of digital promotional activity for business
Unit 06 Understanding social media
Unit 07 E-mail campaigns for business promotion
Unit 08 Online reputation management

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