Our mission “Creating a brighter future through training and learning”

5E Ltd operates across four training centres in North and East London, and has been providing training, information, advice and guidance to the local communities since 1998. We take pride in offering high-quality accredited basic skills, IT, and vocational training, work-based learning, and skills support for unemployed individuals and wider communities in London. Our goal is to improve access to high-quality education and employment opportunities through training, enterprise and employment programmes. We promise to provide a high-quality, relevant service tailored to meet the needs of all our customers, including the most disadvantaged members of the community, such as BAME individuals, refugees, lone parents, young people, non-native speakers, ex-offenders, and those with family and social difficulties, helping them get back into positive working lifestyles and employment.

5E Ltd's education programmes range from non-accredited and accredited lower Entry Level courses to Level 5 advanced courses, as well as supporting programmes such as Apprenticeships, Traineeships, and Work Programme, among others. All of our learners have access to our career guidance support, which includes job search facilities, short courses, workshops, and a job brokerage service. We can help you with mock interviews, and work trials, and provide up-to-date information on available vacancies.

Our 5E Stands for,


Via a range of accredited and non-accredited qualifications in a wealth of different subject and sector areas including IT, Business & Admin, Management, Health and Social Care, Accounting & Finance, Customer Service, Retail, English and more…Benefit from a range of learning methods, from classroom tutor-led training, to online learning resources and anytime course material through e-learning.


We believe that opportunities for success are available to all regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, belief, caste or background and our diverse staff team is a shining example of this with a team of 200 spanning 45 community languages across 80 countries in the world.


We understand that some individuals aspire to run their own business or project and our job search advisors provide you with the right connections and industry knowledge that will help you achieve your personal success as an entrepreneur.


Our specialist advisors support you with individual training-needs-analysis and tailored learning plans to ensure you are on the right track, benefiting from the latest job search tools and support to increase your confidence and ability during the application process… Click here for information on our Job Search facilities


We know that true success and achievement is about giving you the tools, advice and resources to grow, both socially and within the work environment. Our motivation and confidence building workshops are one of many examples of short courses that can inspire you to make proactive changes to improve.